Online sales management system
for spa hotels & resorts

Create a website for your health and wellness resort and boost your online sales. Describe the services and treatments
you offer and include an option to book via TravelLine booking engine.

Increase online sales with TravelLine

A good health retreat website and a channel management system will provide round-the-clock online sales. Every aspect of your online sales strategy can be managed from one personal account. Automate all typical processes and increase the total income.

A website for resorts

Your TravelLine-based property’s website will be the main information source about your recreational facility on the Internet. The website is designed specifically for health and wellness resorts and includes:

  • ● Explicit information about the accommodation, treatment, entertainment, and food.
  • ● Book Now button on all pages of the website.
  • ● High-contrast website version.
  • ● Responsive design for computer browsers and mobile devices.
  • ● Promo-code generator.

High-contrast version for visually impaired:

  • ● Makes texts and pictures more accessible
  • ● Reduces colors
  • ● Adapts for mobile devices too
  • ● Can be easily activated at any time

TravelLine Booking Engine

Sell tickets, rooms and services through your health resort’s website. Here’s what you can do:

  • ● Sell packages and vouchers to your resort with and without health treatment.
  • ● List additional services with an option to add them prior to booking.
  • ● Differentiate prices for adults and children.
  • ● Process payments and support all popular payment methods.
  • ● Send a booking confirmation and reminders automatically.
  • ● Open the website on computers, smartphones, tablets with a responsive design.
  • ● Unlike people, the system works 24/7 without errors and sick leaves.

TravelLine Channel Manager

A channel management system to keep control over online services and third-party websites, where you sell your health resort accommodations. The system lets you:

  • ● Manage all channels from a single account.
  • ● Keep the actual prices and room availability across all the channels.
  • ● Automatically transmit changes and updates to all the channels.
  • ● Simplify adding channels and make them work faster.
  • ● Autosend booking confirmations and reminders to guests.
  • ● Prevent overbooking.

Profitable for your resort, convenient for guests

Save time and effort

With the official website, booking engine, and channel manager, your online sales get fully automated. Set prices and room availability and generate new bookings. Now, when the time you used to spend on manual order processing is freed up, you can work on other vital areas.

Boost online sales

Get hold of the flexible booking engine’s settings, and control the number of bookings coming from the website and monitor the room occupancy in your resort. Appeal to a wider audience by creating special offers, adding new services, and payment methods.

The more information and options you have on your website, the more likely guests will change their initial question «What health retreat should I go?» to «How to buy a ticket and what services to include?»

Customer satisfaction

Some people aren’t huge fans of making phone calls and sending emails. They feel comfortable surfing the web and making their decisions while looking at certain pages. And sometimes, a website can provide more useful information and process payment quicker than older methods of business communication.

An informative website with the convenient booking options will provide more customer satisfaction at the very first step of this business-client relationship. Timely booking confirmations and reminders about their stay will keep them informed.

Solutions for spa hotels & resorts

Hotel website
$55 / €49
Offers accurate info to guests
Includes booking engine
Supports high-contrast theme
Online booking engine

4% Booking commission
Sells hotel reservations and packages
Processes booking & online payment
Works with property management systems
Channel manager
$79 / €69
per month
Single dashboard for all channels
Momentarily transmits changes and updates
Simplifies adding new channels
Solutions for spa-hotels