TL Booking Engine

Booking engine for hotel websites

Sells rooms, additional services, and transfers 24/7 with no extra effort via an online booking engine.
Set up your online sales the way you want — get more direct reservations and increase online revenue.
We call you once and share with you tips & tricks how our solutions help 6000+ hotels to earn more.

Increase direct sales

The booking engine makes it easy for guests to find a room, choose a rate, and pay for a reservation by themselves.
When a booking is complete, they will receive an instant booking confirmation via email and SMS.
Convenient room search Convenient room search
Marketing motivators Marketing motivators
Availability calendar Availability calendar
payment methods for your guests payment methods for your guests

TravelLine clients

Accept credit card payments

Your guests will be able to pay for their bookings by card. To ensure against no-shows, use the guaranteed method of charging an obligatory booking fee.

There are 9 more payment methods available in the booking engine. This ensures that all guests will find their preferred method.

Manage website sales in your own familiar management system

Booking engine is integrated with all popular PMSs and allows flawless data exchange with them. It instantly transfers direct bookings from your website to your PMS and frees your personnel’s time for other tasks.

Communicate with your guests using email marketing

Booking engine reminds your guests about their visit several days in advance and asks them to leave a review after their stay.

Increase average daily income

Effectively manage your rates and availability

Set up rates and special offers
Set up rates and special offers

It’s easy to set up rates in the booking engine to reflect your hotel’s pricing policy.

Booking engine supports seasonal pricing and allows you to set up all popular rates — non-refundable, early booking, last minute, and long stay.

Set up rates and special offers
Manage room availability
Manage room availability

Be flexible when setting up how many rooms are available for booking via your website.

The booking engine allows you to adjust room availability for each day. Booking engine will sell as many rooms as you specify. If needed, easily disable online sales completely.

Manage room availability
Create booking reports
Create booking reports

The booking engine registers all online reservations via the website and makes it easy to analyze sales performance for a week, a month, or a year.

When someone books a room, their reservation is automatically sent to you via email and SMS, and is also saved in the system. You don’t have to go through your inbox to find what you’re looking for.

Create booking reports

Booking engine pricing

We share the common goal of increasing online sales from your hotel website.

What’s in the box: Launching your booking engine, setting up online sales in your TravelLine account,
training your team, tech support.

TL Booking Engine

Booking commission

4% — from each booking
not less than $50 / €45 per month
Analysis of your current website
Free integration with any PMS you’re using
TravelLine Analytics to analyze online sales
Email marketing module
Promo codes
Dynamic price rates
Rate mix support

For large hotels and hotel chains

We offer special terms for large hotels, SPA resorts, and hotel chains.

To apply for special terms send us a request.