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PMS integration: reducing work by hand

PMS integration: reducing work by hand

Saving time on hotel management starts with a PMS, which stands for a property management system. It allows you to create bookings, update prices and room availability.

If you have chosen a PMS, the next step to time-efficient hotel management is PMS integration with other tools: Channel Manager and Booking Engine.

If you use TravelLine Booking Engine or Channel Manager, we can connect them to your PMS so that they sync and receive data from one another. A PMS stores information on bookings and sends prices and availability directly to distribution channels.

Checklist: do you need a PMS integration

Complete a five-question checklist:

If you have ticked at least two options, PMS integration will benefit you.

Comparison of hotel procedures with and without PMS integration.

We got many bookings through TravelLine systems. After the PMS integration, we save up to 30% of the time on moving data from one tool to another.

Alexey Volosnikov, hotel manager of “Victoria” in Chelyabinsk.

Three reasons to get the PMS integration

1. To save time for the staff.

Reservation managers will not have to move information from channels to a PMS, update quotas and rates in channels by hand. All the data will pull from the PMS automatically. This will leave more time for employees to take care of guests.

2. To stop making mistakes.

During data input by hand, there is always a risk of a mistake. When employees get distracted, they may make mistakes in guest details or forget to update the quota in channels. These mistakes lead to overbooking or dissatisfied guests.

3. To prevent overbooking.

As soon as a booking is made in a distribution channel, the quota is updated automatically in a PMS and the Channel Manager. And vice versa, if a booking was made at a front desk and a manager created it in a PMS, the quota would update everywhere.

PMS integration process

Three parties take part in the integration: a hotel, TravelLine, and a PMS. It usually takes 7 to 14 days to complete, depending on how long each step takes you.

Steps of integration process.

Check the list of PMSs that our partner hotels already use. If the one you need is in the list, write at manager@travelline.pro. If your PMS is not there, write us at support@travelline.pro. Put “New PMS integration wanted” in the subject line and let us know which PMS exactly you want to integrate. We analyze requests and connect to those that a few hotels use.

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