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How hotels can become sustainable

How hotels can become sustainable

Smartest Energy reports that 81% of people prefer to buy from sustainable businesses. Eco-friendliness is no longer a trend but a factor influencing whether or not buyers make a purchase decision.

Why sustainability matters in the hospitality industry

How to make a hotel sustainable

Sustainable hotels are becoming more and more popular among travelers. Here are some simple ideas of the measures that hotels can take to attract eco-aware guests.

1. Reduce energy use

Install skylights if possible and switch bulbs to LED lights. Choose energy-saving options when it comes to boilers, kitchen and laundry equipment, heating and cooling systems.

2. Save water

Introduce a towel and linen reuse program in the hotel. Inform guests that linens are changed every x-day. Provide rooms with signs to hang outside the door to indicate that towels and bedding need to be changed. This can cut costs on water and energy bills.

Install low-flow faucets and showerheads. In older toilets, consider installing tank fill diverters. Switch to low water laundry machines.

3. Cut down plastic

Make water bottle filling stations. This will discourage guests from buying bottled water. Replace single-use shampoo and soap bottles with refillable dispensers in the bathrooms. If you have plastic cups in the rooms, swap them with reusable glasses and mugs.

4. Recycle

Put recycling bins in hotel rooms and public spaces. The least you can do is to run recycling programs for beverage containers and paper.

5. Go paperless

Offer guests to check in and out online. Shift to a digital workflow when giving tasks to employees or managing bookings in a tape chart. Get TravelLine WebPMS to do both.

Template flyer Template flyer to put in a hotel room. Write your hotel name, add a logo and change the text if necessary.

If you intend to use the template above:

  1. Download this file and this guide.
  2. Go to figma.com. It is cloud-based and free.
  3. Sign in, go to Drafts. Click on the “+New” button in the top right corner to create a new design file.
  4. Drag and drop the PNG file that you downloaded. Follow the guide to edit the image.

How to create an eco-friendly image online

  • Add a landing page on the hotel website and detail what actions you have taken to become sustainable. Share information on how many trees and gallons of water were saved, or how much your electricity bills have decreased.
  • Post your future eco-friendly objectives on Facebook.
  • In Instagram Highlights, tell potential guests how they can play their part in your initiative.

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