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What hotel amenities to list online

What hotel amenities to list online

A hotel’s amenities may influence the booking decision. But even when guests decide to book your property, amenities affect whether they book on the website or on booking platforms.

In this brief blog, find why to manage amenities online, what to list, what to pay attention to, and what to avoid.

1. Make the complete list of room amenities

Amenities let online bookers understand if a room suits them or not. Do not forget to mention everything you have to meet the needs of all kinds of guests. You never know what will trigger a booking: clothing iron or crib for children.

Essential amenities' checklist by Hotel Tech Report

2. Compare amenities on the website and OTAs

Make sure the website and booking platforms have the same lists of amenities. If you leave something out on the website, guests might as well choose OTA.

Let’s say a hotel offers the same room category on the website and OTAs, but only a distribution channel says that there is a hairdryer. They might think: “What if I get a hairdryer only when booking outside the official website”. Guests have no idea the hotel might forget to add another amenity icon.

3. Let guests choose a bed

If you list amenities in detail, they will answer many of the guest’s questions. Why call the hotel and disturb the staff if everything is on the website?

For example, there are two friends traveling together, and they want two single beds. The hotel can replace a queen-size bed with two single ones, but it is not indicated on the website. This means travelers will have to call the hotel, or they might move on to another hotel website.

Choice of beds in TravelLine Booking Engine

4. Do not get over the top

The amenities list can be a bit too complete. Make sure you do not tick similar items twice: this makes the list too long and confuses users.

Let’s look at the example. At what point guests would figure out that the bathroom has a toilet?:)

One amenity repeated 3 times

5. Set amenities on the hotel website

To make sure that travelers book on the website instead of booking platforms, set amenities for TravelLine Booking Engine.

To do this, go to “Room management” > “Room types”. Select the room type you need and scroll to the “Room amenities” section. Click on the underlined categories to tick the items you have.

Room amenities setting in TravelLine Booking Engine

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