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Winter is coming: how ski hotels can reach peak sales

Winter is coming: how ski hotels can reach peak sales

It is not long until adventure travelers start preparing the equipment, waxing their skis and snowboards, and picking a spot to schuss.

In this post, we will tell you how to get ready for the coming season if you are a hotelier.

Get listed on different platforms to boost room sales

Getting to Google hits and staying there for long enough is expensive and difficult to achieve. To capture the attention of potential guests, it is important to realize that travelers look for ski hotels differently: through a search engine, on distribution channels, business listings, and social media. This is why hoteliers do not need to compete with other platforms but partner with them to increase the number of touchpoints with guests.

No matter if it is an amateur or advanced skier, he would first look for a ski resort and only then for a hotel. Depending on a search query, potential guests will lend on one of these options:

  • websites of ski resorts
  • listings of resorts and hotels
  • web portals for skiers
  • review websites
  • forums
  • business listings of certain hotels
  • YouTube videos
  • communities on social media.

Note that even if the query is the same, search results differ depending on a search engine, user’s location, and other factors.

Users googling the same query fr om Sweden are offered to search on OTAs. Users googling the same query from Sweden are offered to search on OTAs.

To find your target market and attract guests to the hotel, spread the word about your hotel on every platform wh ere skiers look for the place to go:

Make sure that you know what sales channels bring you the most guests. To do this, benefit from the Report on bookings in your channel manager.

Create a USP that would attract guests

Good USP should correspond to specific guest needs. To understand what your potential guests look for, study the reviews on ski resorts & hotels, follow forums and join communities for mountain skiers. This will help you learn what they pay attention to, what they appreciate and criticize in hotels.

We asked two snowboarders what they look for in ski hotels to understand how hotels can target them:

Snowboarders share what they love about ski hotels.

When you realize what guests want, create an offer. The USP should be clear, meet the specific guest needs, and make you stand out from competitors.

Examples of vague and specific ski hotel descriptions.

Any hotel can use phrases on the left. It is hard for guests to understand how one “perfect” hotel is different from another. They will search for hotels that say “We will drive you to the slope within 5 minutes”.

Phrases on the right reveal guests’ hot buttons: they want to get a fast ride to a slope, buy a cheaper ski pass, dry their clothes after snowboarding, eat, and rest.

Come up with key advantages of your hotel and use them on the hotel website, social media, and other platforms. Combine them, divide them into sections, and match them to the season. Analyze what works best. Gradually and consciously create an image of “the hotel that is best for me”.

Look for guests in special interest communities and social media

Use public pages for skiers and snowboarders to find similar communities that your potential guests follow. For example, from threads, you can learn about public pages with reviews on skiing equipment or video tutorials. They will let you find social media profiles of coaches and tour organizers.

Here are some Instagram influencers that are popular among skiers and snowboarders: Anna Gasser, Maddie Mastro, Alek Oestreng, Caroline Gleich, and Veroniqi Hanssen.

When you have enough leads from online distribution channels and social media, the need to avoid overbooking and reduce the commission emerges. Set up the Booking Engine and Channel Manager to solve both problems. These and other TravelLine solutions aim at boosting your room sales.

Go to the TravelLine solution for ski hotels

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