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How to send a link to an apartment description from the Front desk to a guest

Guests often call directly to the apartment manager to choose an apartment that would suit them the most. In this case, you might need to visualize the offer — show photos of the interiors to choose from. Sometimes a flattering picture is more persuasive than words.

In TravelLine WebPMS, there is a feature that allows you to show guests only apartments that you want to offer them. To do this, copy a link to a room type in the “Front desk” and send it to the guest in an instant messenger, SMS message, or email.

This feature is available for apartment chains that use TravelLine Booking Engine and TravelLine WebPMS.

Let’s have a look at how this works.

1. Find the room type you need and click on the icon next to the room type’s name.


2. The icon will become highlighted. This means that you selected the room type to send to guests.


If you want to deselect a room type, click on the icon again.

3. Click on the “Link to the room types” on the right above the tape chart.


4. In the window opened, check the list of room types that you want to send to guests. Here, you can delete a room type you do not need from the list.


5. Select dates of stay and copy the link.


6. Send the link by any means convenient for the guest. By clicking on the link, the guest will be redirected to the Booking Engine. There will be displayed the selected room types and dates of stay.


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