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How to create the “Hot deal”

To create the “Hot deal” rate, do the following:

1. Go to “Room management” > “Rate plans”. Click on the “Create derived rate plan” button.


2. Out of all the options, select the “Hot deal”.


3. Start making settings by choosing a name for the rate. By default, it is the “Hot deal”. You can leave it as it is or come up with something else.


4. For the next step, indicate the discount rate and the base rate to which the discount will be applied. The discount can be a certain percent or a certain sum.


5. If the meals are included in the rate, select the meal option you need. 


6. For the “Reservation availability”, indicate when guests can book at this rate plan. If they can make a booking only on the day of arrival, enter “0”. If it is possible one day before arrival, enter “1”.

7. For the “Period of stay”, indicate a minimum and a maximum number of nights that guests are allowed to stay at this rate.

8. Set the “Rate validity period”. If you select the “Unlimited period” option, by default, prices and restrictions are set for two years ahead.


9. Select points of sale, cancelation rule, and payment methods. Click on the “Save” button at the top or at the bottom of the page.


The offer is created. Click on the rate’s name in the list of rates. Open the “Rate plan display on the website” tab. On this page, give more rate plan details in the “Detailed description” box.

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How to create a derived rate plan

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