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What is TravelLine Channel Manager

This is a tool that aims at managing room pricing and availability on sales channels in one and the same account. TravelLine Channel Manager saves your time and increases online sales.


Why use it

  • TravelLine connects more than 100 sales channels including OTAs, tour operators and GDS.

  • It takes into account the specific features of each channel.

  • As it is anchored to the booking engine, bookings are managed automatically. Availability for all channels is set in one single TravelLine account.

  • Rates and availability are updated on sales channels in no time. This prevents overbooking and mistakes made by manual processing.

  • It automates making out invoices for channels and collating bookings with TravelLine system.

How to set it

  1. Set availability and sales sources for rates

  2. Connect to channels

  3. Collate information from TravelLine account with the one on channels

  4. Set sales channels

  5. Set notifications from channels

Contact TravelLine Support

If you have any questions, you can always contact the technical support manager.
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