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What is TravelLine Assistant

TravelLine Assistant is a free tool that helps to maximize the potential of Booking Engine and keep up with the news.

TravelLine Assistant has the following sections and reports:

  • Tasks for today: TravelLine Assistant goes through your TravelLine account settings every 8 hours, looks for errors, turns them into tasks and displays them in the “Tasks for today” section of the “Dashboard” page.

  • Guests’ reviews on the reservation — after guests complete a booking on your website, they can rate the booking experience. Read the feedback from time to time to add the necessary information to Booking Engine.

  • News Feed — there, you can find system notifications and information on product updates.

  • Reservation stats — graphs and reports on the booking dynamics of the hotel website: “Sales and occupancy”, “Occupancy rate”, “Demand calendar”, and “Reservation window”.

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