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What is News Feed in TravelLine Assistant

You can view system notifications and information on recent product updates in your TravelLine account. In the top right corner, you can see four icons.


Notifications of book debts


System notifications, for example, on bookings that were not synced in your PMS


Notifications on the maintenance time, product updates of the TravelLine components, and the rest of the news a hotelier should know.


Our knowledge base with instructions for making settings in the TravelLine account

You can view all the system notifications and product updates by going to the “Assistant” > “News feed”. Depending on notifications received, there will appear either of three sections: “Payments”, “System notifications”, or “News”.

News with green bell icons lead to the “Updates” section in our knowledge base. By clicking on such kind of notification, you get redirected to the corresponding knowledge base page. There, you can get to know what is new and how to use it.


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