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What is “Guests' reviews on their booking experience” in TravelLine Assistant

In this article, we will take a close look at the “Guests’ reviews on their booking experience” section in “Assistant” > “Dashboard“.

In the “Guests’ reviews on their booking experience” section, there is feedback on the booking process left by users who made bookings on your hotel website.


How users can leave reviews on the booking process

After users make a booking in Booking Engine, they see a booking confirmation on the screen. From this page, they can make the following actions:

  • Download the booking confirmation

  • Print out the booking confirmation

  • Edit the booking by clicking in the “Manage booking” section


At the bottom of the page, the users are asked a question: “How was your booking process?”


Users can select either of five options:

  • One star — Terrible, I am surprised I was even able to make a booking at all

  • Two start — Bad, spent a lot of time on it

  • Three stars — So-so, not convenient to use

  • Four stars — Good, a couple of improvements would be nice

  • Five stars — Excellent, intuitive and easy-to-use


When users select the number of stars, there appears a field where they can write detailed feedback on the booking experience. These reviews are kept in the “Guests’ reviews on their booking experience” section of the Assistant. Along with the reviews, you will see what rooms were booked by the users who left them.

Why you need reviews on the booking experience

These comments help you realize what information your Booking Engine and website lack and what settings you have to make in Extranet to make the booking process smooth and intuitive.

NB. These reviews are on the booking process, not the stay at your property. These reviews are not posted anywhere else, and their only purpose is to help you improve the booking experience.

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