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What happens if the TravelLine WebPMS fee is not paid on time

Some features of the Front desk can be on hold in the event of the arrear of payment for TravelLine WebPMS.

What features are limited

1. Some actions with bookings:

  • Creating bookings by hand in TravelLine WebPMS

  • Editing of bookings created already

  • Canceling bookings in the tape chart

  • Checking guests in and out

  • Moving guests to other rooms

  • Confirming payments

2. Adding notes and directions

3. Editing room inventory

4. Changing housekeeping statuses such as dirty, cleaned, inspected and out of order

5. Some actions with guest profiles

  • Creating new guest profiles

  • Editing existing guest profiles

  • Deleting guest profiles

  • Merging guest profiles

6. Some actions with company profiles:

  • Creating new company profiles

  • Editing existing company profiles

  • Deleting existing company profiles

How to manage TravelLine WebPMS when some of the features are on hold

1. Manage availability by hand.

As you cannot create bookings in TravelLine WebPMS by hand, edit availability manually when you get a booking made at the reception, over the phone or email. It is important to update availability so that connected online distribution channels have up-to-date data. Learn how to change availability for several days at once.

2. You can view all the bookings created before the payment expiration.

3. Bookings made, modified, and canceled on online distribution channels will still be displayed in TravelLine WebPMS.

After you clear the debt, all the features will become available again.

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