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What do colors of bookings in the Front desk stand for

In the Front desk, bookings are displayed as rectangles. To make it easier for you to manage bookings, they are colored in different colors.

  • Green bookings are those that were made on the hotel website through TravelLine Booking Engine and bookings that were created in TravelLine WebPMS by hand.


  • Yellow bookings are those that were made on online distribution channels if you use TravelLine Channel Manager.


  • Purple bookings are the bookings that were already checked in. This means that guests who made the booking already stay at the room.

  • Orange bookings are bookings that were checked out. This means that guests who made the booking stayed at the room.


  • Red bookings draw your attention and notify you that the check-in or check-out time is overdue, but the booking was not checked-in/checked-out.


  • Gray bookings mean that there is a room maintenance going on.


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