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What are “Tasks for today”

Go to “Assistant” > “Dashboard” > “Tasks for today” section to view problems that should be fixed to boost website sales.


TravelLine Assistant goes through your TravelLine account settings every 8 hours, looks for errors, turns them into tasks and displays them in the “Tasks for today” section.

You can find a corresponding article in the Knowledge Base and fix a problem yourself by following the steps from the article.

Why tasks are in different colors

Tasks are divided into groups by different colors.


The red color stands for problems that do not let users even open your website to book. For example, the “Booking Engine is not available” problem.

Such a problem cannot be fixed from the TravelLine Extranet. To solve it, check if your website and Booking Engine function properly. The most frequent reason is that the hotel website is no longer available. In this case, contact the company whose domain you purchased or the website maintenance team. If there are problems with the Booking Engine, contact the TravelLine customer support.

The yellow color stands for tasks that you can solve by making settings in the TravelLine Extranet. For example, there is a “No payment at check-in” task.


Such a task is generated after the payment methods check. This means that the hotel has not ticked the “Payment at check-in” method from the list in the settings. We recommend enabling this payment method because many users leave hotel websites when they are required to enter their bank card details.

The blue color stands for the tasks with the settings that would complement the Booking Engine.

Tasks that can be set by TravelLine Assistant

There are twelve kinds of tasks:

  1. Prices are unavailable for the next 6 months. Users cannot book on the website.

  2. Room availability for the next 6 months. If the availability is not set for future periods, the booking will not be available.

  3. Active payment methods available. Such a task appears if users cannot make a payment with a bank card on the website.

  4. Booking Engine availability. Check if the website and Booking Engine work properly. Maybe, your domain is expired, or the website is no longer available for users.

  5. Completeness of room information. Users book rooms with text descriptions more often.

  6. Photos attached to the room type description. Users book rooms with photos attached more often.

  7. Room information in foreign languages. Foreigners can book a stay without problems if Booking Engine is translated at least to one language — English.

  8. Completeness of rate plans information. Users need to know what is included in a rate plan, what services you provide within the rate plan, and in general. Make rate plan descriptions as detailed as possible.

  9. Payment upon check-in availability. Payment at check-in is the most popular payment method among guests. Check the payment methods set for rate plans.

  10. Food services availability. If extra services are not tied to your rate plans, converting motivators are not displayed on the website.

  11. Rate Mix availability. On days when one rate plan expires and another just becomes available, booking is not possible. To avoid this, create a Rate Mix in the TravelLine Extranet.

  12. Include Feedbacks. Set welcome emails supposed to be sent before the stay and feedback emails supposed to be sent after guests check out. You can make the settings in the “Marketing” menu section. To collect guest reviews, make a feedback questionnaire. Reviews will help you understand your advantages and improve hotel service.

The “Tasks for today” section turns green when all the tasks are completed. However, do not forget that the tasks will be updated in 8 hours and, maybe, TravelLine Assistant will assign you new tasks.


If all the tasks are completed, it will become easier for guests to book on the website. Do the tasks to boost your website sales!

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