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Website SEO

Each tab of the «Content management» section of TL: Express has a «SEO» block. It is neccesary to fill it in so the guests could find your hotel in the search engines like Google. If SEO is configured your website will be on the top of the search results in the requests by the hotel`s name.



Document title (<title>)

It is a document title which you can see in the tab of the browser window. The title helps search engine to determine what is the content of the website page. The title usually includes key words and a short description of the services provided by the hotel.


«Book now» hotel - official website of the «Book now» hotel in Berlin.

Cost of the room in «Book now» hotel in Berlin, the cost of accommodation in «Book now» hotel.

Page title (<h1>)

This title is printed in large type on the page. H1 contains short information about this page.


Official website of the «Book now» hotel in Berlin.

Rooms and prices of the «Book now» hotel in Berlin.

Page description (META Description)

Add a page description: unique propositions of your hotel, value and profits for the guest. The limit of the text is 200 signs.


Budget-friendly rooms in the «Book now» hotel in Berlin. Learn more about the prices, the total cost of reservation with additional services.

Once the information is added click on «Save» button on the top left corner, then click on «Post»:




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