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Tips on how to choose a domain name for the hotel website

A domain name can be with different domain extensions like .com, .net, .edu, .org. National domain extension designates the country where the hotel is located. If the hotel is located in Italy, it makes sense to register a location-based domain with the extension .it. For example,

Choose a simple name

It is important to choose a simple, short, easy to pronounce and spell, brandable domain name. So it will be easier for your guests to remember your website name and to find it on the Internet.

A hotel name as a domain name

You may use a hotel name as a domain name. For example, if your hotel name was “Travel”, it would be right to choose a domain name “”. Sometimes it happens that the domain name you want is currently in use by someone else. In this case you may use similar domain names like,,

A city name in a domain name

Sometimes they add a short city name where the hotel is located. Such a trick helps to indicate the hotel location as well as domain extension. For example,

Abbreviation in a domain name

In some cases, when the hotel name consists of a few words, you may use the abbreviation in a domain name. Please note that too long abbreviations may be difficult to read. For example, the abbreviation is not memorable.

Check whether a domain is available

You may check whether a domain is available for registering using a Whois search tool.

Under whose name a domain should be registered?

Some business owners often assign a domain registration to one of their team members. Sometimes it happens that this person decides to register a domain under his name and becomes a domain owner. If this person retires for some reason, the domain name remains at his disposal. That's why it is important to think it over before a domain registration.

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