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Guests are often ready to pay extra to have breakfast at hotel. If you have a rate plan with included breakfast, set a motivator in the Booking Engine.

1. Go to “Hotel management” > “Extra services”.

2. Click on the “Create service” button.


3. For the type of service, select the “Meal”.For the name, select a kind of breakfast you provide.


4. On the next step, enter the service fee.Click on the “Continue” button.

5. Tick the points of sale where you will offer the breakfast service.

6. On the “Decoration” step, fill in the “Description” field. There, you can give information on the menu or the opening hours of the hotel restaurant.

6. When you are done, click on the “Save” button at the top of the page.

7. Then, go to “Room management” > “Rate plans”.

8. Click on the rate plan with breakfast. Open the “Extras” tab.

9. Click on the “Add an extra” button. Select the breakfast service you just created from the list. Make sure you selected “Included in the room rate” option. Then, click on the “Save” button.


When you finish, website visitors will see that breakfast is included in the rate.

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