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November 17, 2021 — Extra services in the Booking Engine

We have updated the extra service management in TravelLine Booking Engine and added the following:

  • Extra services wizard

  • New types of food service

  • New groups of services

  • Service motivators

  • Updated payment types.


New types of food service

At the hoteliers’ request, we added new types of food service:

  • American breakfast

  • Breakfast and lunch half board

  • Breakfast and dinner half board

  • Lunch and dinner half board

  • Ultra all inclusive.



New groups of services

Form extra services into groups to make it easier for guests to navigate through large numbers of services. We added new default groups, so now there are 8 of them:

  • Food service

  • Parking lot

  • SPA

  • Programs for kids

  • Fun & Entertainments

  • Sports & Leisure

  • Rental services

  • Health resorts & Spa.





Service motivators

Motivators help website visitors to choose extra services in Booking Engine. Services with motivators stand out among others and draw the attention of website visitors. We added 5 types of motivators:

  • Sale

  • Bestseller

  • Book now

  • Families with children

  • Friends.



Updated payment types

We renamed payment types and added prompt messages so that you could choose the best possible payment type.



We replaced the “Per occupancy type per night” type with the “Per person per night” because it was not convenient for guests.

For the food service that you create on your own, you can choose any payment type from now.


Extra services wizard

The wizard consists of 4 steps, and it has for purpose to create extra services and make all the necessary settings. In the “Services” tab, click on the “Create service” button.



1. Select a service type and write its name.



2. Set its pricing by selecting a payment type and a price.



3. Choose a point of sale where the service will be available.



At this step, there may be additional settings that depend on the Extranet settings.


4. At the last step, write descriptions and upload a photo. Guests more often book extra services with photos and descriptions.



Add the service to a group. Click on the “Setting description” button to learn more about groups of services.



Select a motivator. Learn more details and see examples in the “Setting descriptions”.



After creating the service, it will open in edit mode.


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