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Lost connection to PMS

Sometimes the TravelLine Platform can lose connection to a hotel’s PMS. There are some steps that should be followed to restore the integration operation.

1. Integration status

Check the integration status in “Integration with PMS” → “Dashboard” tab.


The TravelLine Platform exchanges data with PMS at regular intervals. If no data is received from the PMS within 20 minutes, the integration status changes to “Maintenance is required”.


“PMS Integration status” page displays information on the latest successful updates, undelivered bookings, information message as well as the link to the instruction on how to restore the connection.

2. Types of integration, the first point of contact

Depending on the PMS structure, there are several types of integration.

PMS integration type defines the first point of contact in order to restore connection.

  • Pull integration means that a PMS sends requests to update prices and availability and receive bookings. All the settings are done on the PMS side. It is not possible to run data update forcibly on the TravelLine side for this type of integration.

Your PMS is integrated via pull-protocol, if:

  • there is no “Synchronize rate plans with PMS” button in “Room management” → “Rate plans” tab;

  • you can see two tabs in “Integration with PMS” → “Bookings delivery” tab. They are “Comments” and “Delivery parameters”.


In this case if the connection is lost, contact your PMS support team. More information in the instruction → How to restore integration with TLConnect.

  • Push integration means that TravelLine sends requests to update prices and availability and receive bookings.

Push integration allows you to forcibly run data update by clicking “Synchronize rate plans with PMS” button in “Room management” → “Rate plans” tab.


The most common issue with push integration is the following: either PMS web service or TravelLine PMS Integration Agent service freezes or disables on the PMS server on a hotel side. It is required to enable or restart the service.

Detailed information about the error can be found in “Reports” → “Undelivered bookings to PMS” tab.


On the screenshot the system informs a user about a web service connection error. It means that the service froze or wasn’t started.

Also the service can be unavailable if a hotel internet service provider changed the IP-address.

In this case send the new IP-address to the TravelLine сustomer support team.

Please note: Pay attention to the detailed error description in “Undelivered bookings to PMS” tab. It provides you with the steps to be followed and the point of contact.

If the point of contact is not indicated in the error description, the error message is not clear or you cannot fix it, contact the TravelLine customer support team.

Learn more → How to restore integration with the PMS web service.

3. Integration status check

When you perform all the steps to restore integration with the PMS, check its status. Click “Check the integration status” button in “Integration with PMS” → “Dashboard” tab.


If the connection to PMS is restored, the integration status changes to “Operational”.


If the connection is not restored, you will see a message: Please make sure you have checked and followed the instructions. You can contact TravelLine customer support team, and we will help you to restore your PMS integration.


Note: If the integration is restored, integration status won’t be updated automatically. Don’t forget to click “Check the integration status” button to ensure that the integration is restored.

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