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June 17, 2021 — Restriction overriding

In April we improved pricing overriding of derived rates in TravelLine Booking Engine. Derived rates are based on basic rate ones. The function might be used to run specials. To do this, you create a derived rate plan, then set a discount, which is calculated from existing basic one, in it. When you change basic rate prices, prices of derived rates change automatically.

This time we have introduced an update of restriction overriding. Since now when creating a derived rate, no restrictions, except for the ones you set manually, are fixated.

Here is how this works:

1. Go to “Room management” > “Rates”. Click on a rate that you need.



2. Open the “Prices and restrictions” tab. Choose a restriction that has to be set.



MinLOS restriction is by default set at 2 for the booking engine and distribution channels.



3. Choose a channel for which you want to set different restrictions. Select certain days with the mouse, then click on “Change value”. We have chosen



4. Fill in the boxes with numbers that you need and click on “Save”. Here we have changed MinLOS restriction for single rooms.



5. Changed restrictions will turn yellow for the chosen channel.



For the rest of room categories, restrictions will stay the same.

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