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How to upload a thumbnail for a rate plan

We recommend uploading thumbnails for rate plans, as they draw the attention of website visitors while they are booking. The thumbnail is displayed in the Booking Engine.


To upload the thumbnail, do the following:

1.   Go to “Room management” > “Rate plans”.

2. Click on the name of the rate plan. Open the “Rate plan display on the website” tab.


3. For the “Thumbnail” section, upload your own image or select one from the collection.

To select a thumbnail from the TravelLine’s collection, click on the “Select from a collection” button.


Images are divided into categories, for example, special offer types or festivals. Click on the image, then, click on the “Apply” button.


To upload your own thumbnail, click on the “Upload a photo”. Then, select an image from your computer. We recommend choosing images of 32х32 px.


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