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How to set "Unfinished booking" emails

If clients have left their contact detail, but have not completed a booking, they will be sent the email with the link attached to do so.

The booking is not complete in case a guest:

  • has completed all the pages but one (payment page)

  • has not been modifying the booking for 20 minutes

  • has not book anew

In order to create a template for the “unfinished booking” email:

1. Go to “Marketing” > “Mail list”.

2. Click on “Unfinished booking for guest”.

3. Choose a color of the template. You can remove or add its parts and edit the text. For example, give a discount promo code. It might drive clients that changed their mind back to booking


4. Click on “Save changes”.

“Unfinished booking” emails could be sent to the hotel as a notification.

In order to enable this:

1. Go to “Marketing” > “Mail list”.

2. Tick the box on the left to “Unfinished booking for hotel”.

3. Write the hotel email address in the “Email list for copies” box.


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