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How to set the Google Hotel Ads promotional campaign

Hotel campaigns help you manage your Hotel Ads bids and budgets. To have your property promoted in Google Hotel Ads, top up the Google Hotel Ads budget as it is running out, manage a daily budget and a bidding type.

To get started with Google Hotel Ads, set the following:

  • Campaign name: Google Hotel Ads

  • Bidding type: cost per click

  • Bid: up to 1 USD or 1 EUR

  • Budget: 5 USD

  • Location: Country of the hotel/ all the countries

  • Ad group name: Google Hotel Ads

  • Bid/cost per click: 2%

We recommend sticking to these settings and alter them only when necessary.

Find out how to do this in the Google’s Hotel campaign instruction.

If you have questions regarding the Hotel campaign, contact the Google tech support.

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