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How to set room availability

Sometimes when website visitors search for a room on a hotel website, they see a notification that there are no rooms left to book, even though the hotel still has vacant rooms for these dates. In this case, the hotel must have forgotten to set availability for the upcoming dates. Let’s see how you can do it to get as many bookings as possible.

1. Go to “Room management” > “Availability”.

2. Open the “Default availability” tab. Here, write in the number of rooms for each category that you want to offer online.


3. Click on “Save”.

4. Then, open the “Calendar” tab. There, the system will automatically set the availability for the following days.

But what if you already have some of the suites booked? To take this number away from the availability, do the following:

1. In the “Calendar” tab, click on the “Group operation”.


2. Select the period you need. For the “Parameter”, select “Default availability”.

3. For the “Value”, select “Reduce by”.

4. Tick the room category that has been booked. In our example, this is suites.

5. Beside the room category, write in the number that needs to be taken away from the default availability.


6. Click on “Save”.

Look at the “Calendar” again. The changes are highlighted in green.


If you need to change availability just for one day, click on the number in the cell you need. There will open a lightbox. There, write the new availability for the date.


We recommend setting the availability for the year ahead just like prices so that your clients could book in advance.

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