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How to set prices for rates

To set prices for rates, go to “Room management” > “Rates”.

1. Choose a rate and click on the “Rates and restrictions” tab.


2. Here you can set different prices for days of the week, seasons and so on.

In the calendar, choose a time span to have the same prices. You can do it in the following ways:

  • mark the days by mouse cursor

  • click on a month on the left to mark all the days of the month


 click on days of the week at the top of the calendar to mark these days of the week throughout the year

  • click on the year in the top left corner to mark all the days of the year (starting from today)


3. When you mark a time span, click on “Change value” on the right.

4. Click on the “For all categories” tab to write in prices for all room categories in the same lightbox.


5. Write prices in the corresponding boxes. The price is set for a room, not a bed. If you have set a “bed” as a room category, set a price for a bed in a corresponding section of a lightbox.

The two types of occupancy are:

  • 1 guest — the price of a double room for one guest, if he does not share it with anyone

  • 2 guests — the price of a double room for two guests (they share the room)

Set the same price for the both, if it does not change depending on room’s occupancy.


Extra beds are sold at a different price:

  • extra guest — price for an adult, who needs an extra bed

  • extra child bed (0 -5 y.o.) — price of the extra bed for a 0 -5 year-old child

  • extra child bed (5 -12 y.o.) — price for the extra bed for a 5-12 year-old minor

  • Child (0-5) without extra bed — price for a child under 5, who does not need an extra bed. If you do not charge for them, write “0” in the box. Only in this case, this occupancy type will be displayed in the booking engine.

6. Click on “Save”.

7. Click on “Unmark” on the left.


Let’s see what will be the cost, if the following prices are set:


If there are two guests in a double room, the cost is 20 eur.

If the room is booked for two adults and a 10 year-old child, they will be charged 30 eur.

20 eur (two adults)+ 10 eur (extra bed for a child under 12) = 30 eur.

In case you have set extra beds for a room category in “Room management” > “Room types”, guests will be able to book extra beds as well.


For example, if the room is booked for two adults with extra beds for one adult and one 10 year-old child, the cost of the room will be 45 eur:

20 eur (2 adults)+ 15 eur (extra bed for an adult)+ 10 eur (extra bed for a child under 12) = 45 eur.

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