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How to set comments for bookings delivery to PMS

How to set comments for bookings delivery to PMS

TL Booking Engine can operate in integration with a hotel Property Management System (PMS).

Comments are meant to create comments for bookings, received from different points of sale and delivered to PMS.

The comments are added to bookings automatically.

To set comments, go to “Integration with PMS” → “Bookings delivery” → “Comments” tab.


You will see the list of the templates which you can use to create comments for bookings.


1. To add your own comment, click “Add comment” button.

Type in the comment name, switch on “Display”.


Add a comment text.

The text should contain variables. A variable has a booking parameter that varies or changes, e.g., guest’s name or dates of stay. These variables will be filled in with the booking parameters automatically.

Table of variables can be accessed by clicking “Table of variables” link.


Select a point of sale and a rate plan, the comment will be used for.


Once all the parameters are set, click “Save” button on the top of the screen.

To change a comment, click its name or “Action” button and select “Edit”.

Change the name, text, display options etc. Then click “Save” button on the top of the screen.

2. Comment preview.

To check if the settings are correct, click “Comment preview” button.


Enter a booking number and click “Show comment”.


You will see the comment text, based on the settings you’ve made.


This comment will be delivered to PMS along with the booking.

3. The comment can be activated and deactivated by clicking the switcher in the left-hand side part of the list:


Deactivated comments are not delivered to PMS.

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