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How to set a surcharge for an early check-in

If you provide an early check-in, set rules for surcharge.

1.Go to “Hotel management” > “Early check-in / Late check-out”.

2.Click on “Basic rule”. It is a default rule.

3.In “Early check-in setting” section, click on “Add” and underlined time.


4.Choose the time span to be affected by the same surcharge rule.


5. Choose a type of charge for an early check-in within the indicated time span.

Free of charge

You do not charge for an early check-in

Fixed charge

The charge is the same no matter the time

Percentage of the day rate

Tick the following if needed:

  • “No surcharge for an extra guest”— you charge only for the number of people a room is meant for.

  • “No surcharge for facilities”—the cost of facilities does not affect the resulted surcharge

  • “Surcharge for early check-in includes breakfast” — surcharge is a sum of the percentage from the day rate and a cost of breakfast

Hourly fixed rate

The surcharge is the same, no matter how many hours beforehand the check-in takes place

Hourly auto-calculated rate

The surcharge for every extra hour is calculated automatically according to the chosen price rate.

No early check-in/ late check-out

You do not allow to check in within time span

6.Tick “Select the quota”. The client is able to check in early only if there is a quota for the day before.


7.Click on “Additional settings”, if you want to set separate rates for different room categories.

If this option is not available, please send an email to


8.Click on “Done”.

9.Click on “Add” in “The rule is not set for the period” line. Set a rule for the next time span following the steps above.

10.Click on “Save” at the top or at the bottom of the page.

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