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How to set a country deal

Promotions are great for attracting guests. In TravelLine Extranet, there are country deals — discounts offered to users depending on their locations. Use country deals to target travelers from specific countries.


How to create a promotion

1. Go to the “Room management” menu section → the “Promotion” page. Click on the “Add promotion” button.



2. Select the “Country deal” option.



3. Fill out the fields and click on the “Save” button at the top or at the bottom of the page.



Keep these in mind when you make the settings:

  • Type — the type of promotion. The “Country deal” option is selected automatically.

  • Amount — a discount rate. By default, there is a recommended discount rate of 10%. You can enter another rate.

  • Name — enter the name of the promotion. Guests will see this name in their booking confirmations.

  • Countries — from the drop-down list, select the countries you target. Travelers from these countries will be offered this promotion.

  • Period of stay — the validity period of the promotion.

  • Discount is displayed — the date range when users see the promotion in Booking Engine.

  • Rate plans — the promotion will apply to these rate plans. By default, all the rate plans are selected.

  • Room types — the promotion will apply to these room types. By default, all the room types are selected.


4. In the top right corner of the TravelLine Extranet, you will see the “The changes have been saved” message.


The promotion you created will be added to the table on the “Promotions page” of the “Room management” menu section.



Keep in mind

  1. The country deal is not cumulative with other offers. If several discounts at once are offered to travelers, they get the best deal out of them.

  2. Booking Engine identifies users’ countries by the IP addresses of the devices they used to open your hotel website.

  3. When users modify bookings in Booking Engine, the country deal promotion remains if one of these is altered: guest’s name, email, phone number, and comment. When travelers change dates of stay, room type, or rate plan, the amount to pay is recalculated. That is why guests get a country deal only if their IP address matches your settings.


What a country deal looks like in Booking Engine

In Booking Engine, country deals are not highlighted by purchase motivators. There is just a crossed price.


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