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How to restore PMS integration (Push integration)

PMS integration might be out of service for different reasons. The list of reasons and possible solutions is below. After taking any measures to fix an error, you can check the integration status by yourself by clicking on the corresponding button on the “Integration status” page.

Before checking the integration status, do the following:

— Check the Internet connection on the desktop on which you use web PMS.

— Check the working capacity of the web PMS and access to the server from an external address. To do this, copy and paste the URL address from the “Connection address” box on the “Integration status” page in the “PMS Integration” menu section to the browser. There will open a web page. Before it opens, the browser might ask about certificate errors, you need to accept them and continue.

If the page does not open in the browser, there might be the following reasons:



The service failed to start

Restarting PMS is required.

Service URL address is entered incorrectly

Entering the correct URL address in the browser is required. Otherwise, contact TravelLine tech support to change the URL address for the PMS connection.

The PMS server has set a firewall or an antivirus that blocks the request on the address, port, or portal.

You need to set up a firewall or an antivirus.

Access to the web PMS should be open for a specific range of addresses. Contact TravelLine tech support to find out this range.

  • Check if the price rates for accommodation and availability for the coming dates are set in the PMS. If they are not set, update them.

  • Check if there are integration codes for room categories or rate plans in the PMS. The guides to setting integration codes are provided by the PMS web developers.

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