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How to name a rate plan

A rate plan’s name should be appealing, comprehensible and self-explanatory.

Below, we suggest you various names of rate plans depending on the type of the offer.

Base rate plans:

  • The best possible rate

  • Best deal

  • Best price of the day

Rate plans by types of meal plans:

  • Rate plan without breakfast

  • Rate plan with breakfast

  • Rate plan without meals

  • Half board

  • Full board

  • All inclusive

Rate plans by festivals:

  • Festival rate plan

  • Holiday rate plan

  • Independence day

  • Mother’s day

  • New Year’s Eve

  • Labor day

Rate plans by special offers and promotions:

  • Romantic getaway

  • For couples

  • Wedding day

  • Honeymoon

  • Weekend rate plan

  • Business trip

  • Get three nights — pay for two

  • Non-refundable

  • Early booking

  • Hot deal of the day

  • Last-minute booking

  • Long stay

  • Stay longer — pay less

Avoid naming your rate plans things like “BAR” or “Rack rate”. Names like these are not clear to guests.

For each rate plan, upload thumbnails to make your Booking Engine look better. Learn how to upload a thumbnail for a rate plan.

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