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How to map rates and room types

When a new rate or room type has been added in the channel extranet, map this room type or rate for the channel manager to upload data to the channel.

To map a new room type or rate follow these steps:

1. Open «Channel manager» > «Manage channels» > «Connected channels» section.

2. Click on the channel name and the tab «Rooms and rate plans mappings» will be opened. On the left side of the page there are all rates, room types and accommodation types that are created in the channel.

To see a new-created or modified rate, room type or accommodation type click on «Refresh rooms and rates on the channel» button:


New rate, room type or accommodation will be displayed in a new line in the table.

3. Click on «Not selected» field and select a corresponding TravelLine Platform room type in the drop-down list. Do the same actions with the rate and accommodation type.


In order to see rates and room types codes on the channel side switch on the «Show codes» mode:


In the rates and room types mappings table a new column «Channel Rate (Room) ID» will appear. Corresponding codes will be uploaded from the channel.

You can use «Show codes» mode in order to make correct mappings. It helps when room type (rate) names in Channel do not match TravelLine Platform room type (rate) names.

! Reservations might not be delivered to the TravelLine Platform as there are no room types mappings. In such cases Channel Manager sends a direct notification about new reservation via email. Such email contains information that it is urgent to map room types and rates. As soon as mappings are completed this reservation will be saved in TravelLine Platform.

! Please note that it is obligatory to map all room types, rates and accommodation types in TravelLine Platform. It is not recommended to keep not selected fields as it might cause overbooking. The system is not able to upload data for unmapped room types and rates. Mappings = synchronization.

If there are no mappings for the current moment, but there have been mappings before it might cause new reservations with outdated price information. It is recommended to remove unusable rates at the channel’s end, so they will not be displayed in Channel Manager. For correct synchronization do the following:

  • Map all room types and rates;

  • Do not leave «not selected» fields;

  • Remove unusable rates at the channel’s end.

There might be a case when in the reservation coming from OTA to TravelLine Platform through Channel Manager the TravelLine  rate doesn’t comply with the channel rate. This is a case when the reservation was saved with a default rate. Please do all the mappings in order all OTA rates match TravelLine Platform rates.

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