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How to manage room availability

Here you can learn how to manage the availability of rooms in “Availability” section, if you have TL: WebPMS.

Go to “Room management”>”Availability”. Open “Calendar” tab.


The table contains several columns:

1. “WebPMS availability” shows the number of available rooms left. It’s uploaded automatically from the Front desk.


2. “Availability” is a maximum number of rooms available for every room type. You can change this parameter manually. The cells that have been changed manually are highlighted in green.


A maximum number of rooms can be specified in the Default availability column. This number will be set for the future dates by default.


The value which is displayed in Default Availability column, is set in Calendar tab for dates which are not highlighted in green.

3. “Online availability” is a number of available rooms which is displayed on your website and distribution channels (OTA).

Note: The lowest value taken from the two columns “WebPMS availability” and “Availability” is always displayed in “Online availability” column. If the value in “Availability” column is less than the value in “WebPMS availability” column, the “Online availability” column will contain the value from the “Availability” column, and vice versa .


Cases with Availability

Case 1:


“WebPMS availability” is 5 and “Availability” is 7. Online availability gets the lowest value between the two columns - the value from “WebPMS availability”.

Case 2:


“WebPMS availability” is 5 and “Availability” is 2 - then “Online Availability” column gets the lowest value- 2 from “Availability”.

Additional options of TL: WebPMS

«In House»

«In House » is the number of rooms kept by the hotel and not available for online sales. This is a backup number of available rooms for other points of sale except for your website or distribution channels.

You may set the value for «In House» for any dates in «Calendar» tab:

You may also set this value by default for future dates in “Availability” tab:

The value for In House is withdrawn from the value of WebPMS availability. Then the system determines the lowest number between “WebPMS availability” (take into account the value of In House) and “Availability”. The lowest number is displayed in the “Online Availability” column.

«In House» cases

Case 1:

“WebPMS availability” is 5 and “Availability” is 5, “In House” is 1.

1)Withdraw the value of In House from the value of WebPMS availability: 5 - 1 = 4.

2)The Availability is 5, that is more than the WebPMS availability 4, therefore Online availability is 4.


Case 2:

“WebPMS availability” is 5, “Availability” is 2 and “In House” is 1.

1)Withdraw the “In House” value from “WebPMS availability” value: 1 - 1 = 0.

2)The “Availability” is 1, that is more than the “WebPMS availability” 0, therefore the “Online availability” is 0.


Case 3:

The WebPMS availability is 5, Availability is 2, In House Quota is 1.

  1. Withdraw the In House from WebPMS availability: 5 - 1 = 4.

  2. The Availability is 2, that is less than the WebPMS availability 4, therefore the Online availability is 2.



«Overbooking» is an option that allows you to sell more rooms than you have in your Front Desk. The rooms will be available for sale only when you have no more rooms available in your Front Desk.

The option is disabled by default. To enable this option, please, contact our customer support service:

«Overbooking» cases:

“WebPMS availability” is 5, “Availability” is 3 , “Overbooking” is 1. The Overbooking value extends the number of available rooms for sale when it needs to sell more rooms that it is specified in the “WebPMS availability” column. Therefore, the Online availability number is 3.


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