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How to manage availability if TravelLine extranet is integrated with PMS

If availability is automatically uploaded from your PMS to the TravelLine Platform, managing availability has some specific features.

How to manage availability if TravelLine extranet is integrated with PMS

To manage availability, go to “Room management” → “Availability” → “Calendar” tab.


“Calendar” table has several columns:

1. “PMS availability” - a number of vacant rooms, uploaded from PMS automatically;

2. “Default availability” - a maximum number of each room type, set in “Default availability” tab:


This value can be changed manually in “Calendar” table.

3. “Online availability” - a number of rooms, uploaded for sale to the hotel website and/or OTAs, connected to the TravelLine Channel Manager.

“Online availability” column always shows the minimum value between two columns - “Default availability” and “PMS availability”

If a set value in “Default availability” column is less than in “PMS availability” column, the “Default availability” value is uploaded to “Online availability”. In case a value in “Calendar” tab is changed manually, the cell is highlighted in green.


Example 1. 30th January 2022, Comfort standard:


PMS availability = 4, Default availability = 1. The value, set in “Default availability” column manually, is less than the value in “PMS availability” column. This is why the “Default availability” value 3 is uploaded to “Online availability”.

Example 2. 24th January 2022, Comfort standard:


“PMS availability” = 1, “Default availability” = 2. The value set in “Default availability” column manually is greater than the value in “PMS availability” column. This is why “PMS availability” value 1 is uploaded to “Online availability”.

This way you can control the number of rooms available for online sales. If you need to sell less rooms online than were uploaded from PMS, edit the value for default availability in “Calendar” tab.

Additional option “In-House Quota”

There is an additional option “In house quota” for managing availability on the TravelLine Platform. It is disabled by default. If it is needed to enable it, contact the TravelLine customer support.

“In-House Quota” is a number of rooms, kept from online sales. The Platform allows setting a default value for all the future dates in “Default availability” tab, as well as a certain value for certain dates in “Calendar” tab.

Let’s see how to manage “In-House quota” column - the number of rooms you keep as a reserve. The value “In House Quota” is always deducted from “PMS availability” and highlights “PMS availability” cell in green. Then the Platform finds the smallest value between “PMS availability” (minus In House Quota) and “Default availability”.

Example 1


“PMS availability”: 66-10 = 56.

“Default availability” shows 66 which is greater than 56 in “PMS availability”. This gives us 56 in “Online availability”.

Example 2


“PMS availability”: 80-10 = 70.

“Default availability” shows 68 which is less than 70 in “PMS availability”. This gives us 68 in “Online availability”.

Example 3


“PMS availability”: 41-10 = 31.

“Default availability” shows 52 which is greater than 31 in “PMS availability”. This gives us 31 in “Online availability”.

Read the article about another additional option “Overbooking”.

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