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How to get your hotel on Google Hotel Ads

How to get your hotel on Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads may help you to drive potential guests to a hotel website. It will increase direct sales and make it easier for guests to book. It is enough for Google users to write your hotel name in the search box to find a separate section about your property on the right.

Connection to Google Hotel Ads is available for those who set up TravelLine Booking Engine.

How to set up Google Hotel Ads

Before sending a request to connect, do the following:

To send a request, do the following:

  1. Write us an email at Support specialists will send you thorough instructions on what to do next.

After our staff contact you, you should make the following settings on Google:

  1. Share access to your Google Ads account at Grant an admin access level. Learn how to do it.

  2. Send us your Google Ads customer ID. How to do it.

  3. Send us a link to your Google My Business listing, that you want to connect to the Booking Engine. The hotel’s name and address in English should be the same both in the TravelLine account and in the Google My Business listing. Check an address in “International settings” > “Hotel settings”.

What TravelLine will do

We launch a hotel campaign as Google recommends.

When starting a campaign we make the following settings:

  • The name of the campaign

  • A bid per click (%)

  • The maximum bid of 1 USD

  • A daily budget of 4 USD

  • Target location: your country/ all the countries

We recommend keeping these settings and alterings them only if necessary.

Contact TravelLine Support

If you have any questions, you can always contact the technical support manager.
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