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How to get access to demo account to test TravelLine products

TravelLine offers you to test 4 TravelLine tools: Booking Engine, WebPMS, Website Builder and Channel Manager using a 14-days demo account.

The demo account can be easily created in several steps. For this, go to and click “Get a demo” button or use the following direct link:

1. Add the detailed information about your property and user details.

Make sure you enter the correct and valid email address – email with confirmation for account creation and access details will be sent to that email address. Click “Continue”.


Pay attention: it is not possible to get back to the first step and edit details after you proceed further. Please enter the valid and correct details.

2. Enter your property address and click “Continue”:


3. Add contact details – phone and email addresses that will be used to send booking confirmation to guests and to receive notifications. Click “Continue”:


4. Click “Create a room type” to create room types. 

When creating a room type, enter the basic information:

1. A full room type name and its short name. A full room type name is displayed in the booking engine. The short name is displayed in the calendar with prices in the section "Rate plans".

2. Accommodation type:

  • Select “Room” if you sell the rooms in the hotel.

  • Select “Guest in room” if you sell beds, not the whole room.

  • Select “Cottage” if you work with cottages.

  • If you work with apartments, select this offer type.

If the required accommodation type is not available, select “Room”. This setting can be changed later in your test account. 

3. Number of rooms for this room type.

4. Number of guests with main occupancy and on extra bed.

5. Price for guests with main occupancy and on extra bed.

Then, click “Save”:


Once all required room types are added, click “Continue”:


5. On the final step, select if breakfast is offered in your property. If yes, specify the price and whether the breakfast price is included in the cost of stay.

Then click “Complete registration”:


Once you complete the registration, an email with login details and access link will be sent to the account user email address:


Click the link in the email to create a password. In the form, enter and confirm the password for your demo account and click “Save”:


In a new window with a confirmation the password is saved, click "Enter personal account" to log in to the demo account:


To log in, enter the account user email in “Login” field and the password you created. Click “Log in”:


Note: You will need to confirm access to the account on every login using a verification code that is sent to the account user email.

Enter the verification code in the corresponding field and click “Continue”:


Congratulations! Your demo account is ready.

To access your demo account in the future, go to and click “Login” button in the upper right-hand corner.

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