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How to generate and issue loyalty cards in TL WebPMS

Duplicate profiles

The bookings in TL Web PMS may have different points of sale- TL WebPMS, TL Booking engine, TL Channel Manager. Sometimes it happens that the profile of the same guest created from reservations of different points of sale, duplicate. In this case the accruals of the same guest may be stored in different profiles.

To avoid such situations, please check if:

  • There are duplicate profiles in WebPMS. If they are any, merge them.

Virtual cards wizard

If you use TL WebPMS, you may use Virtual cards wizard to issue virtual loyalty cards.The wizard helps you to create loyalty cards taking into account the statistics of the guests’ stay in the hotel:

1. Open the “Cards lists” in the “Guests management” menu:


2. Click on “Issue cards to guests” button and select the period of the guests’ stay when the statistics can be taken into account:


3. The list of loyalty levels is opened. It contains the number of guests who will get the cards. You may activate all the levels or tick some of them:


Each guest whose loyalty level is higher than a basic level, gets an individual loyalty card. The guest gets the discount by applying a loyalty card when booking on the hotel website.

4. After that you`ll see the message that the cards are successfully activated or the warning message:


We recommend saving a report just in case. It may be useful in case of an error. For example, if there are two guest profiles in the WebPMS with different names, but with the identical phone numbers, the loyalty card won't be issued to one of them.

Import from a file

You may add several physical cards at once by uploading a list of cards ready in advance. To do this, click “Upload documents” button:


If you use TL WebPMS, this file should contain card numbers only. Here's the example of such a file:


How to issue cards to guests

If you use TL WebPMS, you may add a loyalty card to the guest profile to provide them with the discount. To do this select one of the ways:

- “Link a new loyalty card” - for the virtual cards. There should be a guest profile with their telephone number in the WebPMS. In this case a new loyalty card with the basic level is created.

- “Link a loyalty card to the phone number” - for physical cards. Enter a number of a plastic card which is already included into the list of loyalty cards.

To add a card to the existing guest profile, open “Guest profiles” in the “Property management” menu.Then open the profile needed and click “Add card” in the Loyalty program block:


Link a loyalty card to the guest profile:


If the card is linked to the guest profile, it will be applied to the booking automatically:


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