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How to fix the “The booking process is not available for the specified dates” error

Sometimes when you create a booking in the Front desk of TravelLine WebPMS, you can see a notification like this: “The booking process is not available for the specified dates. Please check prices in rate plans. Prices should not be zero. Please verify, that a front desk reservation is allowed in the "Available points of sale" section. The reservation must be allowed at least for one room type”.


To fix this error, check the rate plans settings following the steps below:

1. Check if the “Front desk” point of sale is selected at least for one rate plan.

Go to “Room management” > “Rate plans”.

If there is no “WebPMS” icon in the “Point of sale” column, it means that the “Front desk” option is not ticked in the settings of the rate plan.


To set such a point of sale, select the rate plan from the list, and open the “General settings” tab. Then, scroll to the “Points of sale” section. There, tick the “Front desk” option. Click on the “Save” button at the top of the page.


2. Creating bookings from TravelLine WebPMS is only possible for enabled rate plans.


In the list of rate plans, disabled rate plans are highlighted in red. If all the rate plans are disabled, bookings cannot be created.

To enable a rate plan, click on the “Action“ button and select the “Enable rate plan” option.


3. Make sure that the prices for the selected dates are set.


Go to “Room management” > “Rate plans”.

Select the rate plan you need. Then, open the “Prices and restrictions” tab.


Check if there are prices for the dates you need and the selected category.


This is what the set prices look like. When it is done, the system will let you create a booking. Learn more about how to set prices for a rate plan.

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