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How to find out the price rates of your competitors

To compare your price rates with the price rates of your competitor hotels, go to “Rate Shopper” > “Competitor’s rates”.

By default, today’s prices are compared to prices yesterday. In the “Revision date”, you can pick another date for the comparison report.


In the filters above the table, select the accommodation type, the meal type, and the cancellation conditions you need. Then, select what rates will be compared: minimum or maximum rates. To compare price rates by room type, you can add the room type filter by following the instruction.


How to manage the “Competitors’ rates” table

Let’s look closer at the data in the example. The first row stands for your hotel, the rest stands for your competitors.


To understand the table, you need the following keys:

  • Green cells mean that the competitor’s price rate for the date is higher than yours. Red cells mean that the competitor’s price rate for this date is lower than yours.

  • The white cell means that your price coincides with the competitor’s price.

  • The cross icon stands for the fact that the sales are closed for the date.

  • If a competitor does not have price rates that correspond to the settings you made, there will be a minus in the cell.

  • The up arrow means that the competitor’s price has gone up. The down arrow means that the competitor’s price has gone down.

  • If a room category changed for the date, then, the circular arrow icon will appear in the cell.


Click on the cell to view detailed information.

  • Click on the “Rate change history” to view how the price for the date has been changing.


At the bottom of the table, there is a market average price for each day, an index in percent, and your property’s price position.

  • The index stands for the ratio of your property’s price rates to the price rates of competitors calculated in percent.

  • Rate position displays where is your property’s price spot among competitors. The first position stands for the lowest price.


How to manage the “Rates report” graph

The graph displays the price rates of competitors.


To display the price rates on the graph, tick the “Display rates” box above the graph. If necessary, you can change the display scale as well.


Untick the boxes in the top right corner to remove competitors from the graph.


Click on any point in the graph to view detailed information on the price of the competitor.


Dates, when the sales at the competitor hotel are closed, are displayed as crosses in the graph.


To move left or right, drag and drop it where you need it. Another way to do it is to use the section at the bottom of the graph.


Click on the “Export” button in the top right corner to download the report as an Excel or PDF file.


Click on the “View” button to select the layout of the graph and the table.


The system searches for prices for 30, 60, or 90 days ahead of the current date depending on the Rate Shopper rate plan that you selected in the contract. The data is updated once per 24 hours

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