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How to create the “Free nights” rate

Set the “Free nights” rate to offer on the hotel website. To do this, do the following:

1. Go to “Room management” > “Rate plans”. At the top of the page, click on the “Create derived rate plan” button.


2. Out of the options offered, select the “Free nights”. Be aware that this rate can only be offered in the Booking Engine. It cannot be offered on online distribution channels.


3. Set the rate plan. By default, the rate plan is name “Free nights”. You can change it if needed.


4. Indicate how many nights can be booked at this rate. The last night will be free of charge. For example, if you write in “3” in the “Number of nights for reservation” box, the third night is free.


5. Select a base rate. Its prices will be offered for booking.


6. Select whether meal service will be included into the rate.


7. Set the “Rate validity period”. If the rate validity period is not set, by default, prices and restrictions for the rate plan are set for two years ahead.


8. Select points of sale, cancellation rule, and payment methods. Click on the “Save” button either at the top or at the bottom of the page.

The rate plan is created. Click on the rate plan in the list of rates. Open the “Rate plan display on the website” tab. There, you can give more details on the rate plan in the “Detailed description” box.


In the section below of the “General settings” tab, you can make the following settings:

  • Edit the way that the special offer is displayed in TravelLine Booking Engine: set the rate plan display and the discounted price purchase motivator.

  • Choose a validity period of the special offer and its terms of accommodation.

  • Select available payment methods.

  • Select available points of sale.

  • Set cancellation rules.

  • Set the application of the special offer for specific nights. For example, to make the last night of a stay free, in the “Apply prices for special offer for nights” field, select the “From the end of the residence” option and enter “1” in the “Specify the number of nights” field.


9. To set a discount rate or an extra charge, take the following actions:

1. Go to the “Rooms and prices” tab.

2. Select a type of the price (1) and a discount/extra charge rate on working and weekend days for each room category (2). Then, save the changes.

To set this type of special offer for all the room types at once, use the bulk edit section.


This is what a 100% discount for the last night of the stay looks like on the website.


To learn more about the creation of derived rate plans, see the instructions:

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How to create a derived rate plan

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