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How to create a URL to a “Special offer” rate plan

In the TravelLine system, you can create rate plans that have different conditions. For example, this could be a minimum length of stay of three days, a 10% discount at the “hotsale” promo code, or at least two days period between the reservation and arrival dates. Hotels often place such rate plans in the “Special offers” menu section of their websites.


We recommend adding the “Book now” button for making a special offer reservation. To do this, you need to link this button with a URL for booking at this rate plan.

To create a URL, do the following:

1. Go to the “Room management” menu section > the “Rate plans” page. For the rate plan you need, click on the “Action” button on the right. From the options opened, select the “URL to the rate plan”. Then, click on the “Copy” button.


When guests click on the “Book now” button, the Booking Engine will offer the user to book at this rate plan.


2. If the special offer allows only bookings made no sooner than two days before the arrival date add “&arrival-date-offset=%2B2” to the URL. In case, it is no sooner than three days before arrival, add “&arrival-date-offset=%2B3”. The last number in this code is the allowed number of days between reservation and arrival dates.

The full URL will look like this: After you do this, the arrival date will automatically be rescheduled.


3. So that the Booking Engine offers a specific number of nights by default, add “&nights=3” to the URL. The last number in this code is the minimum number of nights available for booking.

After you do this, the URL will look like this:

When you do this, the Booking Engine will offer a three-day stay by default.


4. You can create a promo code that “unlocks” the special offer. This means that the rate plan is only offered when users open it from the “Special offers” menu section and enter the promo code. To enable this, add the “&promo-code-plain=hotsale” to the URL. The last word is the promo code.

The Booking Engine will automatically apply the change.


See how to create a promo code rate plan.

If you need help to create a URL for a rate plan, you can always contact TravelLine tech support.

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