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How to connect MakeMyTrip

Before you begin, make sure you have an account with MakeMyTrip channel. If you don't have one, follow the instructions to create one. Then proceed to connect the channel in your TravelLine account:

1. Open your TravelLine account and go to "Channel Manager" → "Manage Channels" → "All channels Available" tab. Find the MakeMyTrip channel and click "Connect".



2. Check the box "We confirm that we have a direct contract with the channel MakeMyTrip" and click "Continue."



3. Log in to your MakeMyTrip account by following the link and entering your login and password.



4. Go to the "Property" tab and select the "Channel Manager" section.



5. Click "Select Channel Manager" and choose "TravelLine: Channel Manager" from the list.



6. Click "Add".



7. Return to your TravelLine account, check the box "We confirm that we have followed all steps in MakeMyTrip account for connecting TravelLine: Channel Manager" and click "Continue".



8. Enter your authorization data, such as "Hotel ID for the channel MakeMyTrip" and "Bearer-Token," and click "Continue".



9. Study the channel features and click "Continue".



10. Map room types and accommodation types received from MakeMyTrip channel with room types and accommodation types in TravelLine system. To continue, map at least one room type with its accommodation type and click "Continue".



11. Map rate plans received from MakeMyTrip channel with rate plans in the TravelLine system. To continue, map at least one rate plan and click "Continue".



12. Click "Activate Channel".



When the channel is activated from TravelLine to MakeMyTrip, prices and room availability are uploaded. The data in the channel will also be updated.

13. Click "Finish" — the channel is connected and will appear in the list of connected channels.


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