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How to connect to the Channel Manager

To connect to the Channel Manager, go to “Channel Manager” > “Manage channels” in the extranet menu. Find in “All channels available” tab and click “Connect”.

1. Step 1. A contract with the channel. If you already have a contract with, tick “We confirm that we have a direct contract with the channel” and click “Continue”.

If you need to make a contract with the channel, follow this link and fill in the form to register.

2. Step 2. Follow the steps of the instruction opened.

  • Go to your extranet. Click “Account” at the top right corner and select “Connectivity provider”.

  • Click “Search” button

  • Enter TravelLine ID (328) on the step “Search for a provider”.


  • Tick the option “I have read, accepted and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the XML service schedule” and click the “Connect” button.

After that, you will see the message “Status of the connection request: Waiting for the provider confirmation”.


  • Go back to TravelLine Channel Manager. Tick the option “We confirm that we have completed all the steps for connecting the channel” and click “Continue”. We confirm that we have completed all the steps for connecting the channel.

3 . Step 3 - authorization. Enter your property ID in and click “Continue”.


4. Step 4 - operating features of Look through the parameters that TravelLine sends or does not send to the channel. Click “Continue”.

5. Step 5. “Room types mappings”. Map room types and accommodation types in with the corresponding types of room and accommodation in TravelLine. After that, click “Continue”.

6. Step 6. “Rate plans mappings”. Map rate plans in with the corresponding rate plans in TravelLine. After that, click “Continue”.

7. Step 7 “Connection confirmation”. Click “Confirm the connection to”. Make sure that the connection was successful: you will see the corresponding message.

If you see the error message “”Failed to connect automatically”, try to do it again in 10 - 15 minutes and click the button “Connection confirmation” once again.

8. Step 8 “Channel activation”. Click ”Activate the connection” and then “Complete”.


Booking. com is successfully connected to TravelLine Channel Manager now. The channel will upload the bookings to the TravelLine platform for the future period. If you need to change prices and availability, you should do it in TravelLine now.

Go back to extranet to make sure that the connection to TraveLline is correct. On the “Provider” page there should be a message that “You currently have an active connection with: TravelLine”.


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