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How to connect Airbnb to TL Channel Manager

Step 1.

Go to Channel Manager – All Channels Available. Click on Airbnb (new).


Step 2.

Connection wizard step 1. Confirm that you have an agreement with Airbnb. Click Continue.



Step 3.

Connection wizard step 2. Please note what can be synced and what can not be synced. Click Continue.


Step 4.

Connection wizard step 3. Go to the “Authorization” tab and grant access to TravelLine. TravelLine will automatically get a connection code (token). Click complete connection.


Step 5.

Map listings from Airbnb to the listings in TravelLine. Click save. Make sure the connection status is highlighted as green.


Step 6.

Manage listings connection type and content on the Listings page.


Step 7.

To manage inventory, go to Availability – Daily availability. You can set any value from 0 to 999 for each date. It will be automatically delivered and updated in Airbnb.



Step 8.

In case you want to disable the connection to Airbnb, go to the Channel Settings tab and change the activity status.


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