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How to connect Airbnb through Kross Booking

Before making settings, check if you have a direct connection with Airbnb.

 Make sure that the listing currency is euro. If the currency is not euro you should change it. To do this open the listing settings > “Pricing and availability” tab.
Click  “Edit”, change the currency an save the changes.

If you have had a direct connection with Airbnb earlier

Disable the old connection to the channel to connect to Airbnb through KrossBooking. To do this, go to “Channel Manager” > “Manage Channels” and click the “Airbnb” channel.



To deactivate the channel, toggle the switch off in the “Channel settings” tab.



The channel status will switch to “Stopped”.



Next, click the “Action” button next to Airbnb and select “Disconnect channel” in the “Connected channels” tab.



You have disabled the old connection to Airbnb. Now you can make a new connection to Airbnb through Kross Booking.


How to connect Airbnb

1. Go to “Channel Manager” > “Manage Channels”. In the “All channels available” tab, find the Kross Booking channel and click “Connect”.


2. Check out the Kross Booking features and click “Continue”.



Note: These are the features of KrossBooking. Only the parameters supported by Airbnb can be transferred, such as prices, availability, and closed sales.


3. Click “Continue” and wait for the KrossBooking account to be created. It usually takes less than 1 minute.



You will see the authorisation details as soon as the account is created. Follow the link on a green background and enter the login and password specified below. Click the eye icon to view the password.



4. In the KrossBooking account, create room types which should be transferred to Airbnb. To do this, go to the “Type” menu item and click “+New Type”.




Enter the room type name and code.


Enter “1” into the “Standard occupancy”, “Min. occupancy”, and “Max occupancy” fields and click “Save”.


Note: This setting does not affect anything, as prices for rooms, and not for accommodation types, get transferred to the channel.

Go back to the “Type” menu item and set the remaining room types if needed.


6. To create a rate plan, go to the “Rate Plans” menu item and click “+New Rate”.


Note: It is required to create only one rate plan in Euro.

Enter the rate plan name, tick the box next to “Airbnb”, and select the room types which should be transferred to the channel. Click “Save”.


7. Go back to the Kross Booking connection page in the TravelLine account. Tick the “Room types and rate plans in KrossBooking have been created” box and click “Continue”.


Map room types, accommodation types, and rate plans from KrossBooking with the ones in TravelLine. Select the TravelLine parameters on the right for the corresponding data in the channel on the left. Click “Continue”.




Go back to the Kross Booking account to set up the connection to Airbnb.


8. Go to “Channel Connection Wizard” and click the Airbnb logo.



Click the “for Airbnb” link in the opened window.


9. Next, click the Airbnb logo.


10. Click “Connect with Airbnb” in the opened window.


11. Sign in to your Airbnb account.

12. Tick the “I agree to the Additional terms and conditions of Airbnb services” box.


13. Click “Torna a Kross Booking” to go back to Kross Booking.


14. Click “Edit” and map room types from Airbnb with the ones in KrossBooking.


15. Select room types in KrossBooking which correspond to these room types in Airbnb. Click “Save mapping”.


16. Map all the room types and click “Save. I’m aware of risks of a wrong mapping with channels”.


17. Next, go to the TravelLine account. Tick the “Airbnb connection in Kross Booking” has been activated and click “Continue”.


18. Click “Activate channel”.


Click “Complete”.


To view bookings from Airbnb in “Reports” > “Bookings” using the Kross Booking connection, go to “Reports” > “Bookings” in the TravelLine account and select “Airbnb (new)”.



If you have had a direct connection with Airbnb earlier

After 1 account has already been connected:

1. Go to your Kross Booking account, open the “Channel Connection Wizard” tab and click the Airbnb logo.



You will see a list of already connected accounts.

2. Click “for Airbnb”.



3. Repeat steps 9-16 described earlier in the “New connection with Airbnb” instructions.

4. In the TravelLine account, go to “Channel Manager” > “Connected channels” and click Kross Booking.



5. Click “Refresh room types and rate plans in the channel” and map new room types in the “Room types and rate plans mapping” tab.


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