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How to connect a channel to the Channel Manager

The following is accurate for the most of channels. Although some of them have the particularities that you need to take into account. These are:

Set availability and rates

The availability record is automatically checked only in case the booking is made after the channel was connected to the TravelLine Channel Manager. For this reason, before connecting to a channel, you should set the current availability.

Then set the sales sources for rates that you offer on the OTAs.

Find the channel

Go to “Channel Manager” > “Channels”. In “All the channels available” tab, find the channel that you need and click on “Connect” button.


Sign contract with the channel

In order to connect a channel to TravelLine Channel Manager, contact the channel’s representatives and sign the contract. On the first page that opens after you click on “Connect” you will find the link that leads to leaving your contact details for a representative to contact you later.

When the contract is signed, tick the “We confirm that we have a direct contract with the channel” box. Then click on “Continue”.


Send a request

Then fill in the form to send an application for connection to TravelLine Channel Manager. It usually takes about 7 days to get a response, depending on a channel.


Add the hotel’s data

As soon as you receive the response, go to “Manage channels” page. Open the “Connection in progress” tab to see the list of channels that you have not connected to yet.


Click on either channel’s name or “Action” button, then select “Proceed with the connection”.


Write in the hotel ID that the channel has sent to you. Click on “Continue”.


Find out what channel features are available for this connection

Learn more about the channel features in the “Channel features” article.


Map room categories, accommodation types and rates

Map room categories, accommodation types and rates for the channel and TravelLine Channel Manager: they should coincide. On the left there is information for the channel, while on the right, there is data of TravelLine Channel Manager.


Enable the channel

Click on “Activate the channel” button. This will pull information on prices and availability from the TravelLine system.

Import bookings made before connection

Some channels import bookings to TravelLine, even if they were made before connecting to TravelLine Channel Manager. These are:

  • Airbnb


  • Hotusa

  • HRS

The rest import only bookings that were made after connection.

Contact TravelLine Support

If you have any questions, you can always contact the technical support manager.
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