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How to change prices for a rate

To change prices for a rate, do the following:

1. Go to “Room management” > “Rate plans”.

2. Click on the rate you need. Then, open the “Prices and restrictions” tab.

3. In the calendar, select the dates for which you want to change prices. Then, select “Change value”.


4. Open the “For the current category” if you need to change prices for only one room category. Open the “For all categories” tab if you plan to change prices for several room categories at once.

5. Write in updated prices.

1 guest(s) stands for the cost of stay if one guest is staying in the room.

2 guest(s) stands for the cost of stay if two guests are staying in the same room.

For the “Extra guest”, indicate the extra money guests will have to pay if they need to put an extra bed in the room.

Then, click on “Save”.


Prices are changed. Click on “Unmark” to keep changing prices for other dates.

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