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How to deal with bookings undelivered to PMS

Bookings are automatically delivered to PMS if it is integrated with the TravelLine platform. Sometimes errors occur, and bookings, which fail to be delivered to PMS, go to “Reports” > “Undelivered bookings to PMS”.


Find undelivered bookings

The reasons for undelivered bookings are specified in the “Booking status” column.



Use the filters above the table to find a required booking.



Process errors

Click “Action”.



  • If you select “Deliver to PMS automatically”, TravelLine will attempt to deliver a booking again. Use this option after an error is fixed, so you do not have to create a booking manually. Do not use the button if you have already created a booking in PMS manually.


  • “Processed in PMS” should be selected if you have edited a booking manually in PMS. On the TravelLine platform, a booking is considered processed, and it is removed from the list of undelivered bookings.

  • The “Enter PMS booking No.” option is used if a booking is not delivered, but it is created in PMS manually. In this case, a booking number from PMS is assigned to a booking in TravelLine. This way, changes are automatically delivered to PMS if a booking is edited or cancelled.



If “Show delivery log” is selected, a page with delivery logs opens for a required booking.


Booking is delivered to PMS

PMS notifies TravelLine if a booking is successfully delivered to PMS. The “Booking is successfully delivered to PMS” notification appears in a booking confirmation.

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