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Automatic mode in TL Price Optimizer

In the automatic mode of TL Price Optimizer, as the hotel’s occupancy changes, the price suggestions are applied automatically without your approval.

How does the automatic mode work

To enable the automatic management mode, go to the “Price Optimizer” > “Settings” > “Recommendations”.


Open the “Automatic application of recommendations” tab. The manual mode is set by default. To select the automatic mode, tick the “Enable automatic use of recommendation” box. Click on the “Save” button at the top of the page.


All the current price levels are displayed on the “Price management” page of the “Price Optimizer” menu section.

In the example below, level 2 was applied automatically.


How does the automatic mode work:

1. A new booking is made, or an existing booking is canceled

2. The hotel’s occupancy for a specific date or a period changes

3. Based on the settings you made in the “Price Optimizer” > “Settings” > “Recommendations” > “Mappings” tab, the price levels for a selected day or period will be applied automatically. Prices in the rate levels are pulled from the corresponding source rate plans.

How to set manual input of price levels in the manual mode

In TravelLine Price Optimizer, there are two ways to set prices by hand for a selected period. This allows you to manage price levels manually even if the automatic mode is on.

Setting a custom level for a selected period

1. Go to the “Price Optimizer” > “Price management” and select the dates you need.

2. In the appeared pop-up, select the “Custom level” option.


3. In the window opened, click on the “Apply” button.


NB. When you set a custom price level, the automatic application of price suggestions is disabled. The selected dates will be marked as exceptions. If necessary, you can enable the automatic mode again.

4. In the calendar, you will see that the price level is selected manually, and the automatic application is disabled.


Rejecting recommendations for a selected period

1. Go to the “Price Optimizer” > “Price management” and select the dates you need.

2. In the pop-up that appeared, select the “Automatic application setting”.

3. In the window opened, select either “Enable” or “Disable”. Click on the “Apply” button.

4. The automatic application is disabled.

Learn more about the manual mode in the “Manual mode in TravelLine Price Optimizer” article.

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