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April 8, 2021 — Pricing overriding

There are derived rate plans in TravelLine Booking Engine. They are based on the basic rate plans. The function might be used to run a special. To do this, you create a derived rate plan, then set a discount, which is calculated from existing basic one, in it. When you change basic rate prices, prices of derived rates change automatically.

To manage derived rate plans flexibly, use pricing overriding tool. It fixates prices of derived rate for a certain period of time. Fixed price does not depend on a basic rate. Here is how this works:

1. Go to “Room management” > “Rates”. Choose a rate plan you need:



2. Go to “Prices and restrictions” in rate plan’s settings. Choose dates for price overriding and click “Change value”:



3. Fill in the boxes with new prices and click “Save”:



Before: When a price for one type of accomodation is changed, prices for all the rest at a given time are fixated as well. For example, when we fixated a price for a one guest, prices for other types of accommodation fixated as well. They all turned yellow in the calendar:



After: Only the prices you change manually are fixated. In the screenshot we see, that only the price for a one guest is changed, while others are not:



This works only for derived rate plans, channels, and instances, in which the prices are calculated automatically. 

The update is only for a new “Rates” interface.

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